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Together Digital Power Lounge, Women in Digital with Power to Share

Chief Empowerment Officer, Amy Vaughan

Digital is demanding and competitive field. And, women are still grossly underpaid & underrepresented. But we are not powerless, we have each other. Together Digital Power Lounge is your place to hear authentic conversations from women in digital who have power to share. Listen and learn from our amazing guests along with host, Amy Vaughan, Owner and Chief Empowerment Officer of Together Digital. Together Digital is a diverse and collaborative community of women who work in digital who choose to share their knowledge, power, and connections. To learn more visit
Designing Your Business for the Life You Want | Kiley Peters, Founder & CEO of RAYNE IX and Brainchild Studios | Power Lounge S1E34November 30, 2022 Episode artwork Leading with Emotional Intelligence | Liz Ritzcovan, Chief Revenue Officer at Hustle | Power Lounge S1E33November 23, 2022 Episode artwork Human Giver Syndrome + Boundaries | Kay Coughlin, Business Coach at Facilitator on Fire | Power Lounge S1E32November 16, 2022 Episode artwork Taking the Sleaze Out of Email Marketing | Yuval Ackerman, Ethical Email Strategist & Copywriter | Power Lounge S1E31November 09, 2022 Episode artwork Interaction over Interruption | Adrian Owen Jones, Chief Growth Officer at ThreeSixtyEight | Power Lounge S1E30November 02, 2022 Episode artwork Optimize Your Personal Finances | Jessica Chen Riolfi, Co-Founder and CEO of Uprise | Power Lounge S1E29October 26, 2022 Episode artwork The Science of Happiness | Brooklyn Dicent, Chief Happiness Officer at The Happiness Consulting Company | Power Lounge S1E28October 19, 2022 Episode artwork A working Woman's Bill of Rights | Seher Khawaja, Senior Attorney at Economic Empowerment Legal Momentum: The Women's Legal Defense & Education Fund | Power Lounge S1E27October 12, 2022 Episode artwork From Dropout to Tech Founder | Andrea Gerson, Career Tech Founder & Senior Career Strategist at Resume Scripter | Power Lounge S1E26September 28, 2022 Episode artwork The Peer-to-Peer Learning Advantage | Eva Murray, Lead Evangelist at Snowflake | Power Lounge S1E25September 21, 2022 Episode artwork Social Media Trends | Amanda Lynch, Social Media Consultant at Amalyn Social | Power Lounge S1E24September 14, 2022 Episode artwork The Secret to Burnout | Aparna Rae, Founder of Moving Beyond | Power Lounge S1E23August 17, 2022 Episode artwork Staying Relevant with Career Agility | Marti Konstant, Workplace Futurist & Author of 'Activate Your Agile Career' | Power Lounge S1E22August 10, 2022 Episode artwork Building Frameworks to be Heard | Hitha Palepu, CEO Rhoshan Pharmaceuticals & Author of "We're Speaking: The Life Lessons of Kamala Harris" | Power Lounge S1E21August 03, 2022 Episode artwork Your Career & Disrupting the Status "Bro" | Kt McBratney, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at OwnTrail | Power Lounge S1E20July 27, 2022 Episode artwork Why You Need a Personality Brand | Danielle Hughes, Chief Personality Officer of More Than Words Marketing | Power Lounge S1E19July 20, 2022 Episode artwork The 3 C's of Client Management | Nicole Staley, Co-Founder & VP of Client Services at Digible, INC | Power Lounge S1E18July 13, 2022 Episode artwork "Success" Needs a Rebrand | Kelly Ferraro, Head of Growth at Hometeam Global Content | Power Lounge S1E17July 06, 2022 Episode artwork Organic Marketing for Coaches | Jeanne Omlor, Business Profits Strategist and Coach for Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers | Power Lounge S1E16June 29, 2022 Episode artwork The Lost Art of Connecting | Susan McPherson, Founder & CEO of McPherson Strategies | Power Lounge S1E15June 15, 2022 Episode artwork Real Talk: Working Moms | Erica Ballard, Founder & CEO of retainHER | Power Lounge S1E14June 08, 2022 Episode artwork A Non-Traditional Tech Journey | Christine McHone, Sr. Principal Success Manager at Slack | S1E13June 01, 2022 Episode artwork Using the Power of Ubuntu | Clara Matonhodze-Strode, Founder & Consultant at The MCS Agency | Power Lounge S1E12May 25, 2022 Episode artwork Human-first Leadership in a Remote Era | Margaret Murphy, CEO of Bold Orange | Power Lounge S1E11May 18, 2022 Episode artwork How to Make a Career Change | Kristen Zavo, Executive Coach & Author of "Job Joy" | Power Lounge S1E10May 13, 2022 Episode artwork